October 21, 2016

What we've been up to

Hi hello everyone! We haven’t posted here for a while and it feels like about time to give an update on what we’ve been up to.

We’ve been hard at work at creating the city guide that gives suggestions to you. Not to your neighbour, classmate or cousin, it’s personalised suggestions for you! Make a city into your city in an instant. Isn’t it great to randomly discover a cafe, restaurant, store, pub, club that quickly becomes one of your favourite places in the world? We want to help you make those discoveries more often, whether you’re travelling or not.

City guide Tallinn

If you just put your bags down in a new city, you can come to the Elleday website and get your first suggestions for which place to go next. These suggestions are good from the start and will only get better with time, when you tell us, which places you liked or didn’t like. From the first time you try Elleday, it should already be the best city guide in Tallinn.

If you’re a local, it’s never been easier to discover your newest favourite spots. Why not explore and be a tourist in your own city from time to time? Please be better than Tripadvisor, when you’re looking for a great place for a date or a business lunch. You’re not standard, so don’t receive standard suggestions. Before we launch, at least check out ‘Like a Local Guide’ to have a better time finding places and relieve us of a headache.

City guide Tallinn

But let’s come back to what’s been happening with Elleday so far. We didn’t manage to launch this summer like we or some of you had hoped. We hit a couple of road bumps and made multiple team changes over the past months. However, we now have a new and an improved team and have everything set on launching before this upcoming Christmas.

For the first launch, we’ll be a great city guide to Tallinn, but unfortunately Tallinn only. We will start expanding to more cities soon after. We are also opening only our first web-based version of Elleday at http://elleday.com/ with mobile apps coming in later stages.

We were recently accepted to the BuildIT accelerator and we’re now working together with the experienced mentors at BuildIT to help us make our launch happen. We were one of the 8 teams to be accepted and have joined multiple great projects in their 2016 batch. You can come hear all the teams presenting and pitching our ideas at the sTARTUp Day on the 9th of December:

In short, we’ve made a lot of progress over the past months, but are looking to up the tempo to launch our personalised city guides as soon as possible!

A big thank you for your patience and let’s hope you hear about our launch soon! Everyday, holiday, with Elleday!

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