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Travelling as a way of life

Alan Silmann is one of those lucky people who has skilfully managed to make travelling a lifestyle. Rather than trying to find time for travel, he just does it. Regularly.

He has managed to get into the cellar-hand profession, which classifies as one of the best jobs for globetrotters. Alan believes there are not that many obstacles to travelling on a regular basis. "It all depends on the breadth of your comfort zone." When you think about it the only major expenses you come across are flights, accommodation, transport, and food. The more you are willing to compromise along these lines, the easier it will become to travel.

When he is not working a wine harvest in some of the world´s most beautiful places such as New Zealand and Australia, he explores the planet through his camera lens. Alan´s curiosity for the beautiful corners of this world manifests in his photography. His Instagram is full of inspirational imagery that´ll guarantee a travel appetite.

We therefore decided to ask some travel advice from this experienced explorer.

How do you prepare for new destinations?

If I have time I do some pre-work. But mainly I go with the flow. Book my first accommodation and see it from there. I like to meet local people and hear their recommendations. The good thing about working a wine harvest is that you meet a lot of people from different parts of the world. So, when I go to new places I often have a local friend waiting for me there to give me tips. I also like to google with keywords such as "top 10 places”, "epic places" or "best abandoned sites." I also find photo inspiration from Instagram. When there´s a great photo I just want to go, and check the place out.

What do you recommend to people who aren't that comfortable at making travel acquaintances?

I think one great thing about travelling is that it really opens you up. When you throw yourself into unusual situations you have no choice but to find a way out. It definitely develops you as a person. But there are lots of travel apps that guide you through destinations if you prefer that.

What is your most essential travel tool?

A good smartphone is a must have. There´s always Wi-Fi somewhere to use for booking flights, download maps etc. I also usually get a local sim card. It’s a lot cheaper and allows to use local data.

What are your favourite places in Tallinn?

It’s always great to come back to Tallinn. The city seems to get better and better in time with more places to visit. Telliskivi loomelinnak definitely has the greatest vibe. It seems like a lot of travellers come back home and set up places they have enjoyed abroad. So, when I come back after a while I feel like a tourist in my own city.

Alan Silmann

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