November 28, 2016

Featuring - Kohvik Peemot

Kohvik Peemot, for your health! We’re introducing this brand new and crazy good blog series with one of the best new places in Tallinn. In this series, we are featuring great establishments and talking to the people responsible in making them special. Peemot was started by a great group of friends Triin Kaasik, Vootele Päi, Eerik Oja and Chris Holtby. We had a chance to sit down with Triin to get their perspective on why Peemot is one of the better cafes in Tallinn.

Cafe Tallinn Peemot

How did Peemot get started?

The first time we had an idea to create Peemot, we were going for a nightcap after a gala night for sport awards. It was a Sunday night and we were looking for places that would still be open and we ended up at the Laine bar. Even though we came to grab a bite, it turned out that they were not serving, because it was the last night for this in it’s own way legendary Laine bar.

We did end up staying and after one or multiple ciders we started discussing that wouldn’t it be great to open up our own place. Tartu is full of places that our friends have started, so we thought why not create one in Tallinn.

The fun evening went by and the next day we were still joking about it.. and the day after that. Then some time passed and I happened to drive by and I saw that the ‘For rent’ sign is still up. I wrote to the boys and asked, that what if we take this joke a bit further - let’s take a look on what it would take to rent these rooms. To even make an offer, we needed to put together a business plan and form our company. So we did that, secured financing and just like that we ended up winning the bid.

The initial concept was to solely make a wine and tapas bar, but things started changing almost from the start. We happened to hire a manager with great experience in running cocktail bars and he strongly suggested to broaden the concept and at least serve cocktails. So now on top of wine and tapas and cocktails, we also serve great paninis, coffee & cakes, soup and a different lunch menu every day. We're also working together with the sweetest home chef, who delivers us, and only us, probably the best cheesecake in Tallinn.

Cafe Tallinn Peemot

Where did you look for inspiration?

Well, me personally, I never thought about it in a way that 'what’s great in other countries that we should bring in'. The thought process was more like, what I would personally want to see in Tallinn.

Big part of the inspiration for the concept was because of the location. There’s little choice for great cafes around here. However, there’s lots of banks and office buildings, where many people work at. On top of that we’re next to a park and close to the Hilton hotel. So there’s plenty of foot traffic already. The first thought was to create a cozy place for the people in this area to come in for the morning coffee, enjoy their lunch or have a great place to relax and sit down with friends after work. So you wouldn't have to make the effort to go down to the Old Town and worry about the parking.

When we’re talking about design, I happened to see an amazing looking bar stand made of copper. It honestly looked like the best thing in the world to me and we ended up going with similar design elements.

None of us have previous experience in running a cafe, so our process has maybe been a bit chaotic. We did have a lot to learn and sometimes we ended up learning through mistakes. It maybe took us longer to open up, but looking at it today, there’s no reason not to be happy. We cared about making a place that a lot of people would like and I hope we managed to do that.

When you look at the people who come to the cafe Peemot, there’s a big variety of people. There are people who come here for coffee and cake, nice couples enjoying wine and tapas for their date night or beautiful friend groups coming in to enjoy a few cocktails.

Also Peemot is one of the better places in Tallinn to come do some work behind your laptop. We’ve been told that we serve the best coffee in Tallinn, but here most of the credit goes to our Italian coffee machine from LaMarzocco. I also have to mention the King Coffee Service, who deliver us the supplies. The coffee truly is great.

Cafe Tallinn Peemot

“I’m sure your clients love everything about Peemot and they all find that you serve the best food and drinks in Tallinn, but if we’re talking about favourites, then what’s your own favourite things to order?"

Definitely! :) I wish I could answer with one favourite, but I can give you two of my favourite paninis. I’d love to say three, but to bring out two: I love the beef and salmon paninis we serve. But honestly, all our paninis receive praise.

Again, it’s the first time I’m involved with running a cafe and maybe I’m not always totally sure in how everything should be. This makes it especially special to hear around town that we supposedly serve the best paninis in Tallinn. Or that we have some friends, who’ve been in the restaurant business for years and are regulars at our lunch.

Coming back to the favourites, I can also really recommend our spicy tomato soup that we sometimes offer at lunch. Talking about drinks my favourites right now are the Matcha tea and the Moscow Mule cocktail. We have house cocktails made by our own good bartenders and we now serve a big variety of interesting cocktails.

“You haven’t been open for long, but what absurd things have already happened here?”

Maybe the first thing that comes to mind is the arguments amongst our founders, when we all tried to convince others of our own vision. At one point we had a huge argument about the mirrors in the restrooms. It’s funny to look back now how it almost broke up our team, but mostly these arguments arise, because we all really care about making Peemot as good as it can be. Of course the end result with those mirrors was that people really like them and it’s no problem right now.

There’s less absurd things that have happened with our lovely customers. I do find it funny that Peemot is already the favourite place in Tallinn for one of the biggest event organizers in Tallinn. He brings in big international artists to Tallinn and invites them to enjoy the night also at Peemot, when they get here.

We did have one strange event with an older lady. For some reason, she was really disappointed and borderline mad that she was not given a discount. None of us knew her and we had no basis why we should’ve given her this discount. She made a huge scene, screaming and yelling and cursing out everyone in the world. It concluded with her somehow creating so much confusion that she managed to dine and dash and to our disappointment getting the biggest discount of them all. Come to think about it, maybe that’s not too funny on our end! (laughs)

Also one of the first things we set-up was our lamps. So before we opened, we had multiple run-ins with people, who either wanted to buy a lamp or asked when our lamp/furniture store is opening.

Cafe Tallinn Peemot

What do you have in store coming up?

Well today (Sunday 6/11 - editor), we are hosting a film night for the first time. We’d like to make it a monthly tradition and at least on one Sunday each month show a movie. Starting from next week we’re also collaborating with PÖFF and holding different events related to the movie festival. Maybe this is an area that we’d like to explore further also and do more these types of collaborations with great events in Tallinn.

This Tuesday we're hosting a US election theme party and covering the elections for the people interested. Again, you can expect more theme nights coming up. At least twice a month we hope to host electronic music nights and bring in great DJs.

Me personally, I’m excited about our brunch Sundays that we'll hopefully start hosting once or twice a month. While we're not normally open on Sundays, we’ll open and bring in guest chefs to serve great food and mimosas. Just a great time to spend together with your friends.

There’s also a lot of private events. People have been contacting us from the start and we make it an option to host your birthdays or special nights here at Peemot also.

So what can be said about the start of Peemot?

It’s been really nice to hear all the positive feedback, coming from unexpected places. It’s always heartwarming and gives us confirmation that we’re on the right track. It gives relief to all those extra hours and sleepless nights during the summer and makes it all worth it. There’s always room for an improvement, but that’s why we’re pushing on! So a big thank you to everyone, who’s already been to Peemot and have been kind enough to share some nice words.

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