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Ancho - for the Mexican feel!

On a chilly February day, I meet my friend Olivier for lunch. We haven’t met in ages and he suggests we go to Ancho, a Mexican food and drink bar on Müürivahe street in Old Town. Although I have never been there, Olivier, a Mexican himself is a loyal customer.

Walking down Müürivahe street, Ancho, a small family business, is impossible to miss with a big green sign of ‘Ancho’ on their window. I step inside to find a cozy but slightly dim interior. A friendly waitress brings us the menus as soon as we sit down to a table next to the window. The food and drink bar serves a wide variety of snacks, starters and mains and almost as wide a variety of cocktails, tequilas and Mexican beer. Olivier has already convinced me to try the Burrito con Carne, their daily special. As we wait for our food, my friend tells me about Mexico, living in Estonia and Mexican food in Estonia.

Ancho Mexican food Tallinn

Olivier moved to Estonia roughly a year ago. Originally from a bustling noisy city located north of Mexico City, he enjoys the rather peaceful pace of Tallinn. However, it is never boring as the city is constantly growing and developing. Olivier says he’s even used to the cool climate by now, appreciating snow in winter and long white nights in summer. When longing for Mexican food, Olivier visits either Ancho, La Tabla, a Latin American restaurant in Telliskivi or Texas Honky Tonk & Cantina, a Texas style eatery serving authentic tex-mex dishes in Old Town.

Meanwhile we receive our steaming burritos on scalding hot plates. My Burrito con Carne features a large corn tortilla wrap filled with shredded beef, rice, corn, bell pepper and red kidney bean puree. The burrito is served with a generous topping of melted cheese and a sour cream sauce on the side. I wonder if the sour cream sauce is an Estonian twist on the dish, but Olivier assures me that it’s the traditional way of serving burritos in Mexico.

The authentic dishes, friendly staff and affordable prices make Ancho a great spot for both everyday lunch and a night out with friends. Don’t hesitate to wear one of their sombreros for that extra Mexican feel.

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