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Our Goal

About Elleday

We'd like to help you find your way to quality time and make the most of your day. We are striving to build the easiest platform to discover new places. Even when you just get to a city and quickly want to know YOUR favourite places to eat, go out, shop, wander about and more..

We are building in better personalisation features as we go along and will offer you place suggestions based on your interests. We are also open to any feature suggestions from you and appreciate it a lot, if you let us know what you like or don't like about Elleday.


Our background

We're a team from Tallinn and we're also getting started here. We're looking to expand to other cities as soon as possible and build Elleday into a reliable travel companion and make it your go-to app for discovering new places, when you know you want to have a great day!


How it Works