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Elleday helps you quickly know where-to-go next, thanks to personalised suggestions for places. This means that we will start giving you suggestions based on your actions and finding your new favourite spots has never been easier. Discover shops, sights, nightlife and more.

Even more: search by tag. Add your own tags. Save places and create different lists. Share those lists with your friends. Follow your friends and discover cities together. Explore and do more!

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Every time you help out your fellow people by leaving ratings, reviews and adding tags - you are rewarded karma points. At the end of the month, people with a lot of karma qualify for prizes. Also more active you are, the better personalised suggestions we can give you and your friends. So help us, help you!

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Geocaching Tallinn Estonia


Geocaching with Lucy and Jonny

There's a game that requires a particular set of skills. Have we just described every game in the world? Maybe, but too late to get started again, so back to the point..

Kohvik Peemot Tallinn Cafe Elleday


Featuring - Kohvik Peemot

In this series, we are featuring great establishments and talking to the people responsible in making them special. Peemot was started by a great group..

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Travelling as a way of life

Alan Silmann is one of those lucky people who has skilfully managed to make travelling a lifestyle. Rather than trying to find time for travel, he just does it.